Ed Ruckle, Retired United States Air Force
Ed Ruckle, Retired United States Air Force

Welcome Post 2006 members from Ed Ruckley

Hello from Open Channels

I'm thrilled you are here! Thank you for being part of our passion to help other Veterans and service members.

If you are looking to keep current on the latest happenings in and around the VA and learn how to improve your patient experience, you have come to the right place!.

Visit: Veterans Facilitator, and help you and other Veterans in obtaining and improving health care at VA facilities, while keeping Veterans current on the latest VA programs and technologies used by the  VA.

Thanks again!

Ed Ruckle
Retired, Air Force Veteran

Veteran Facilitator Overview

Introducing the updated Veteran Facilitator webpage

Announcement of the updated VeteranFacilitator.com Web Page.  The page will continue (subscription renewed).  Here is the link (same as before) https://veteranfacilitator.com/.
Using this webpage any Veteran or family member has links to gain 24/7 access to all of the resources created these past years:
1.  All the YouTube Videos
2.  Messenger Powered Chat directly to Ed Ruckle
3.  Email address to Veteran Facilitator (Ed Ruckle)
4.  Telephone number to Veteran Facilitator (Ed Ruckle)
5.  Link to Thursday one hour "Vet Chat" on ZOOM every Thursday at 1600 EST
6.  Veteran Facilitator Facebook Page
7.  Ground Support
Allowing Veterans registered for the Trusted Helper Program to ask for help with a specific problem, track, manage and view the responses.