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Toxic Exposure Update

From USAF Trusted Helper Steve in Philadelphia

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VA FIT Kits, Home Test that can save your life

From USAF Trusted Helper Steve in Philadelphia

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We all hear the stories of veteran and active duty member suicides, a horrendous loss.  Many ask "What can we do?".  The PACT ACT provides an answer.

 What is the COMPACT Act for VA? Under the COMPACT Act, VA will provide, pay for, or reimburse for treatment of eligible Veterans' emergency suicide care, transportation costs, and follow-up care at any VA or community health care center for up to 30 days of inpatient care and 90 days of outpatient care.
Want more information?  Air Force Veteran Ed Ruckle has created to keep you informed of the latest information to help you help other veterans.  Below is a short video (one of over 450 videos he has created) telling you about the COMPACT ACT.
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Myths stopping you from VA Healthcare

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Veterans events; can you put the word that any veterans or military organization hosting a golf outing or event can have it listed on the site (over 80,000 golfing members and clubs), which is the official site for the Golf Association of Michigan. That is, of course, if the event is open to the public. It would go under the CONNECT heading that is on the site. All I'd need is brief info:event name, location, date, time, who it benefits, and contact or sign-up info/link. IF there is a flyer, you can send it to me and I can pass it on to Mary Jo Green, who coordinates this info.
If there is a golf group or league and they wish to join GAM under a special membership which provides all kinds of services to their members (including handicapping and tournament software), please have them contact me at this email or at, or call at 313.980.0054.....and I'll connect them to Dan the Navy veteran, who works for GAM in Membership Services.
One more item: The Navy League is trying to coordinate an event or dinner honoring the legacy of Sen. Carl Levin and that an Arleigh Burke destroyer is being commissioned June 24 and is named for him. As you know, he served MI a long time and was head of the Armed Services Committee in DC. Do you think you could get any traction on this from your various networks? We are reaching out to the veterans, and legislative communities and are shooting for June 1 time-frame. I know it is short, but we aren't looking at a huge or expensive event; Barbara and Sander are both ill and the daughters have their hands full taking care of all that. This is simply to honor the man. Can you help?
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NEW … Emergency Medical Care as of January 17 2023 now covered by the VA

VA Claim Letter now available online

From our Philadelphia Vet Steve

If you log onto, the system will (should) have a message stating – “do you want to use the new page?” – so far it is working. Check it out.

Also – check this updated notice on the claim’s decisions -

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What is a Veteran Center?

Vet Centers, part of the Veterans Health Administration, offers services for veterans, servicemembers and Guards/Reservists who experienced certain traumas.

“If you meet one of our eligibility criteria you can come into a vet center now and for the rest of your life,” explained Fisher, who deployed to Iraq in 2005. “Our eligibility criteria are really centered to serving in dangerous places or experiencing certain types of trauma, whether that is a combat zone or area of hostility.”

Vet Centers specialize in treating the mental wounds of trauma, but also offer other services like marriage or bereavement counseling.

“Our goal is to be that one-stop shop for all of your readjustment needs,” he explained. “We do it as a spectrum of services. One side of the spectrum is, ‘Now what do I do that I am not in a combat zone? Do I stay in the military? Do I get out? Do I use my benefits?’ All the way to the other side of the spectrum, which is, ‘I’m thinking of hurting myself or somebody else.’ Or ‘I’ve experienced significant war trauma or military sexual trauma.’”

Overall, there are 300 Vet Centers across the nation and U.S. territories. Fisher says they are currently working toward expanding the number, including satellite locations and mobile stations. It’s part of an overall effort to reduce barriers to care.

“We send out staff to provide services in (outlying) communities,” he said, noting mobile centers are often dispatched. “It could be borrowing space from a local American Legion location where we have a confidential counseling space where we provide services for that community.”

Higher Cancer Rates for Veterans..File for PACT Act Screening Now!

Veteran’s Benefits at 10% Disability (VA Service connected disability)

SITREP video 

What type of hearing aids does the VA provide to qualified Veterans?

SITREP video 

Why you should file for your VA Healthcare benefits even if you have Tricare or great civilian insurance

SITREP video 

An answer to the #1 question Veterans ask: "How was I supposed to know?"


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VA Relaxing mask requirements

Henry Storm’s Blog on ordering military records from the National Archives and offering help to our Veterans

Henry Storm’s Blog - More than "Thank you for your service"

While this is directed to the community where I served (Aviation Boatswain's Mates U.S. Navy), it applies to ALL who have the DD214 displaying other than dishonorable service.  Please, obtain the benefits that were so hard earned through YOUR service.

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A historic milestone for PACT Act

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The Department of Veterans Affairs marks a historic milestone by screening 1 million veterans for military exposures as part of the PACT Act signed into law Aug. 10.

The screenings are a key component of the law — which empowers VA to deliver care and benefits to millions of toxic exposed veterans and their survivors.

“Since we launched the toxic exposure screening program, VA connected with 1 million Veterans around the country,” said VA Under Secretary for Health Shereef Elnahal, MD. “Our health-care teams reached an incredible breakthrough in a short length of time. These screenings are paramount to improving the health outcomes for veterans and providing them with the health care and benefits they’ve earned as quickly as possible. This is among the first steps we have taken to deliver even more benefits and health care to veterans who have been exposed to toxins during their service.”

VA surpassed initial screening expectations through extensive outreach campaigns to include hosting more than 90 Week of Action events across all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. While The PACT Act Week of Action ended Dec. 17, 2022, veterans can obtain screenings at any time of the year with their VA health care provider.

Veterans enrolled in VA health care will be offered an initial toxic exposure screening then follow-up screenings at least once every five years.

The screening takes an average of five to 10 minutes and begins by asking veterans if they believe they experienced any toxic exposures while serving in the armed forces. Veterans who answer “yes” are then asked about specific exposures, including open burn pits, Agent Orange, radiation, contaminated water and other exposures. If a veteran has been exposed to toxins during their time of service, VA wants to know. It not only impacts their individual future care, but it can also improve overall toxic exposure-related care and outcomes.

If you are a veteran who has not been screened for toxic exposure or has never received care at VA, we encourage you to contact VA about enrolling in the VA health care system and about obtaining a toxic exposure screening. VA encourages all eligible veterans and survivors to apply for their earned PACT Act-related health care and benefits now. Don’t wait until something is wrong before coming to VA — our providers are trained to recognize issues and concerns unique to Veterans.

Veterans and survivors may apply or learn more about the PACT Act by visiting or calling 1-800-MYVA411.

"How was I supposed to know about that!"

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Air Force Veteran Ed Ruckle has created many tools to assist us in helping Veterans.  His Website,; 300+ YouTube Videos "Ed Ruckle - YouTube"; Facebook pages Veteranfacilitator, MyHealtheVet; Newsletter; Podcasts; and Coffee Hours have drawn over 30,000 veterans seeking help.

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One might think that the word “benefit” would already grab attention; however,  it continues to be ignored by over half of our 17 million + Veteran community.

Recent (less than 3 months) experience concerning members of our Post reveal:

Veterans and spouses who were spending thousands of dollars per year on healthcare (Primary and supplemental) insurance they already qualified for  (equal to or better than what they were paying for) at zero cost.

Veterans unaware that VA Healthcare delivers medical results equal to or better than that available in the local community

Veterans unaware of VA Programs that bring Urgent healthcare facilities to within (most cases) less than 5 miles of their home

Veterans unaware of the expansion of VA “Community Based Outreach Clinics” (CBOC’s). As close as Pontiac, Canton, Yale and now Howell

Veterans unaware of programs that are cell phone (or laptop / tablet / computer) accessed that enable veterans to make / cancel appointments, order prescriptions, file for travel pay (for scheduled appointments), communicate with providers, access ALL VA health records and a comprehensive medical library.

Veterans who delayed 20+ years to file for VA compensation and pension missing the opportunity of no cost healthcare and tens of thousands of dollars in earned compensation.

Veteran family members, upon the loss of (our member) their spouse / parent, realizing they have no comprehension of VA benefits available to them, worse, discovering VA benefits NOT available to them because their veteran never filed for earned VA benefits.

A previous posting:

"How was I supposed to know about that!"