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Welcome to American Veterans Post 2006 in Milford Michigan. This Post was chartered in March of 2006 for the purpose of providing an organization that includes all military veterans who were honorably discharged from 1942 through present day. The Post includes a majority of Veterans who otherwise would not be able to join other Veterans Service Organizations (VSO’s) due to eligibility requirements. Peacetime and Cold War Veterans are examples of those Veterans we welcome and encourage to be part our Post.

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Since our charter, the Post has grown from an initial membership of 15, to a present day number of 165. Our members are enjoying the camaraderie of other veterans, while supporting projects and functions designed to support veterans, veteran’s families, and the community.


Thank you for visiting our website. Should you have additional questions about our Post feel free to notify us via our contact page.

A Look Ahead

27 Jun

Great Lakes Family Restaurant

7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

28 Jun

General Membership Meeting

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

29 Jun

Americus Cony and Grille

7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

30 Jun

1 Jul

Great Lakes Family Restaurant

7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Commander's E-Blast

Commander, Joseph M. Salvia
Commander, Joseph M. Salvia

Posted by Henry Storm

Storm Advisory

Henry Storm, United States Navy (Ret)
Henry Storm, United States Navy (Ret)

You have been selected !

I appreciate your support in assisting our Veteran community.  We have talked about VA Healthcare, Compensation and Pension and other VA Services.  Invariably our discussions have included the #1 question we hear in trying to help our fellow veterans.

That question?  "How was I supposed to know about that!"

Air Force Veteran Ed Ruckle has created many tools to assist us in helping Veterans.  His Website,; 300+ YouTube Videos "Ed Ruckle - YouTube"; Facebook pages Veteranfacilitator, MyHealtheVet; Newsletter; Podcasts; and Coffee Hours have drawn over 30,000 veterans seeking help.

To further expand the number of Veterans reached, Ed has created "Ground Support" a feature that will enable Veterans to go to a single source for answers to all their VA questions.

You are invited to join this group of Veterans helping Veterans.  By signing up, you become one of the resources ensuring that the question "How was I supposed to know about that" will have the certain answer "Contact Ground Support".

I encourage your participation, here is the link to sign up.

Click on "Support"
Register (fill in the blocks, create a password)

Questions?  As always, email me or call 248-891-6218

Thank you in advance!

Henry Storm

            Ed Ruckle, Retired United States Air Force
Ed Ruckle, Retired United States Air Force

Click the Image below to enter the Veteran Facilitator website

Welcome Post 2006 members from Ed Ruckle

Hello from Open Channels

I'm thrilled you are here! Thank you for being part of our passion to help other Veterans and service members.

If you are looking to keep current on the latest happenings in and around the VA and learn how to improve your patient experience, you have come to the right place!.

Visit: Veterans Facilitator, and help you and other Veterans in obtaining and improving health care at VA facilities, while keeping Veterans current on the latest VA programs and technologies used by the  VA.

Thanks again!

Ed Ruckle
Retired, Air Force Veteran

Invitation to Join My Ground Support Help Desk

Good morning, I'm Air Force Veteran Ed Ruckle from Veteran Facilitator.

Henry Storm sent you an email announcing my Veteran Facilitator website and the Ground Support Helpdesk program.
Ground support is an online helpdesk/support program for Veterans and family members to register, ask questions, and get answers.
To learn more, watch the attached videos, in the order shown.
If interested and want to stay informed, register for Ground Support, create a ticket, and send me a question.
If you don't have a specific question, simply write "No questions at this time"
Introducing Ground Support:
Thank you for Registering,


Ed Ruckle
Retired, U.S. Air Force
Home: 226-783-1311

Cell: 734-612-8757

Our motto is, "Have Fun and Do Good Things"

Veteran's Coffee

Animated Gifs Coffee 01(2)
Great Lakes Family Restaurant
7AM - 9AM

Board Meeting

3rd Monday
of the month

Comeback Inn

6:00PM - 7:00PM

General Membership Meeting

4th Tuesday
of the month

At VFW Post 9914

7:00PM - 9:00PM

Veteran's Coffee

Animated Gifs Coffee 01(2)
Americus Coney & Grill
7AM - 9AM

AMVETS Social Night at the VFW

Social Night
2nd Wednesday of the month
at VFW Post #9914
6:00 pm until ??

Veteran's Coffee

Animated Gifs Coffee 01(2)
Great Lakes Family Resturant
7AM -  9AM